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Hello you wonderful diamond,

if you have come to this site, we have a soul date. Do you want to finally get to know your true self? Have you had enough of the constant up and down of duality?

Are you finally ready for oneness, the oneness within you? The Grace Integrity® transmission of code information ensures that your soul embodies itself completely in your body within 1-2 years. In the past, this was not even possible in 60-70 years.

Everything in you merges into one. Only after the embodiment of the soul can perfect manifestation and healing take place. The separation through the many incarnations, layers & experiences in not love, is ended. Only wholeness creates true healing.

You probably also feel the current change in vibration, the so-called ascension, which affects all people. This can be physically very exhausting, e.g. dizziness, overload, stress, heart palpitations and other physical symptoms are the result. Are you ready for the vibration of the new time? Then you've come to the right place. Grace Integrity® has been in existence for over 18 years and we work here with the cosmic Christ Light, the Solar Logos. It consists of three codes: the Soul Embodiment, the Mental Heart Fusion and the Grace Manifestation.

1. Grace Integrity®Soul Embodiment

Soul Embodiment brings your soul completely back into your body, in the fastest and gentlest way possible. All soul parts that you have lost or given away because you wanted to leave a part of yourself there e.g. to family, friends, ex-partners, karmic lives, return to you completely. And all soul parts that you still carry with you, which do not belong to you at all, return to where they belong. This happens until you are whole again. You become aware, without any doubt, of who you really are in truth.

2. Grace Integrity®️ Mental Heart Fusion

Mental Heart Fusion is as important as Soul Embodiment. The mind returns to the place where it belongs and you act from the heart. All your experiences, such as "I'm too top-heavy.", "I'm a head person." "My mind is much more dominant than my heart." and many more dissolve piece by piece. Unity happens here as well. From now on you are completely in your center, because heart and mind are completely merged. It is wonderful to experience this, there is so much more peace, calmness and serenity.

3 Grace Integrity® Manifestation

This code supports you in creating again from oneness, rather than ego. Your soul desires are greatly amplified, all blockages fall away and it becomes easier to follow your soul impulses. You create directly without detours from your soul in love. You create your entire life more and more consciously and no longer unconsciously.

An absolute must for the new time. Let's return to oneness together.

Transmission & Price

The codes can be transmitted as a remote session (remote without face-to-face) or in a session. If you know you have a very active mind that always wants to understand everything and be taken along, then better book a session with me.

The codes are transmitted 1 time. All 3 codes will be transferred.

The price is normally 555 € per code i.e. total 1665 €, child price complete package 999 €, but one parent should have received the code in advance.

Currently there is a global special promotion with which the complete package: the three codes all together cost only 599 € for adults and children. So that everyone can give themselves this gift.

Let's change your life together. Back to oneness. I am looking forward to you.
Frequency Transmissions is the coaching & healing of the new age. Are you ready?

Shine your light,

Your Steffie

Grace Integrity® by Patricia Saint Clair - Soul Embodiment

€ 599,00Preis
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